Alice Workshop Kyoto Japan [Kigurumi Mask]

Mask Order Specification & Details


Product Name Kigurumi Mask [Kisaragi Alice]
Materials FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Size Hight:11 3/4inch  Width:8 5/8inch  Depth:9 7/8inch (image)
Eyes Color & pattern Basic Color Are Five Colors And More Than 100 Pattern Sample
Eye Holes Meshes Fabric (image)
Hair Length Approximately from11 5/8inch to 24inch
Hair Color Fifteen Types Color Chart
Time for Delivery Approximately 1 Month (* Depend on an Order Situation)
Price 75,000 Yen (Short,Medium,Long hair)
90,000 Yen (Pony,Tails long hair)

EMS Fee (Mailing Cost with insurance)
and transfer charge (* PayPal will charge you 4% of tolal cost)
Payment Method Overseas Remittance (Wired Transfer) Prepayment or PayPal

Sample Pictures

A type mold [ NEW! ]
Hair Lenght:Medium
Hair Color:Green
Eyes Color:Yellow Brown
sample pictures

B type mold
Hair Lenght:Twintails
Hair Color:Silver
Eyes Color:Green
sample pictures

Hair Lenght:Long(Ponytails)
*Ponytails require extra cost 15,000 Yen.
Hair Color:Dark Blond
Eyes Color:Blue
sample pictures

Hair Color Variation

hair color

Eyes Color Variation

There are more than 100 patterns. I can make a pupillary reflex exactly the same as your favorite anime character.
eye color

Eye Holes

view area



Skin Tights

Skin Tights
If you are interested in the suit matching the mask's skin tone, here is the right place to buy a mask and tights (skin-colored Zentai). If you order me both mask and tights (3 color options), I'll paint the mask matching with tight's color.
Skin Tights(Hada-Tai)
Three color, 3 size (elastic fabric)image

*Separate toes type requires extra charge 4,000 Yen.

(Japanese male size)
Height Weight Shoulders(Width) B.W.H.(cm)
Size S 161~166(cm) 55~65(kg) around 41(cm) Bust 87
Waist 70~90
Hip 89
Size M 167~173(cm) 60~70(kg)
Size L 174~180(cm) 65~75(kg)

#1- Default skin color
#2- Pale pink
#3- Orange pink

price:30,000 Yen

Anime Character

Ranka Lee If you have any favorite Anime character, please tell me.
I will make mask exactly what you want.
Also, if you need costumes, I can help to buy at famous Japanese costume shop such as here.


If you are interested in purchasing my Kigurumi mask, please send me an e-mail with your information.
-address (country)
- request

*For those who live in China, Korea and Taiwan
To avoid an infringement of my copyrights by local manufacturer, I will ask you to prepare the recommendation letter from Japanese friend or Kigurumer.